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  1. The Child of Rapist video is great. This young man speaks in lay man’s terms and authentically about how he was saved by relying on Jesus Christ and giving his life to him. No Christianese in this video just raw testimony.

  2. The Love in Churches video reminds us that in a communist regime run China people will risk imprisonment and death to learn about a truth that is greater than themselves by accepting the Son of God : Jesus into their lives.

  3. Tangible Love – with Mother Teresa is my favourite showing the tangible love of Jesus to all – they are all really good testimonies!

  4. Chosen Chat about Jealousy with Josh was great. When I discovered my identity in Christ my life completely changed too! I was messed up and didn’t want to struggle anymore. Christ saved me and made me who I am today.

  5. The child of a Rapist Video is incredible. Anyone who has lived a rough life needs to visit this site – Yeshua is alive and well and He changes lives on a daily basis

  6. When I watched Father’s Love I just cried. That’s so beautiful! The best part is that I’ve heard my Father in Heaven calling my name and telling me that He loves me. When I slow down and listen it totally changes my day. Praise God!

  7. Sometimes we think because someone enters the Kingdom of God they are void of issues and devil’s attacks. Many of these videos talk about Christians who have either slipped, needed helped or just wanted to know God is there for them. Love is more than a feeling it is an action. Yeshua (Jesus) touches Christians, forgives them and helps them today.

  8. “Delivery Room” resonated with me. I recently became a mother and the incredible love I have for my daughter is minuscule in comparison to how much my Heavenly Father loves me. As much as I desire to hold, love and comfort my little one every time she cries, my Heavenly Father desires that from me. I was reminded to be still and know Him.

  9. Love these videos of Yeshua love for us, believers. Sometimes it is easy to think, why do good things happen to not so good people, or why are bad things happening to somewhat good people. I get it no one is really good except God. Also the question, why do some non believers seem to make strides forward and some non believers seem to struggle. Yes some are breaking His Law, some lack wisdom, some struggling with sin, some don’t listen to Him, and some are supposed to suffer in order to bring their persecutors to Him. However regardless of the reason, one thing is sure Yeshua loves all and especially those who believe on Him. He will not turn those who believe in Him away (John 10:27-29) and He will always be with them (Matt. 28:20).

  10. Wow, I love how Yeshua is mentioned in all videos, very touching and amazing how God heals, so glad to be watching these. Thank you Yeshua.

  11. When you call out to Yeshua, Jesus, God or our Heavenly Father – He answers – God is in the restoration and healing business. Our God Saves – how many testimonies are not recorded – there are so many more stories of God saving lives. He is a miracle working God.

  12. A dictionary and definition of Yeshua loves you means ‘God loves you! Yeshua is another name for God and Jesus.’ Now this is not completely correct. Yeshua means Salvation and Jesus is an English name which has been a transliteration from the word Yeshua. Yeshua is the son of God, the only one to get us to reconcile to God. He is the will of God expressed in a human body. Yeshua is God’s Word made flesh. Yeshua loves you is the same as God loves you.

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