Things to do for the Kingdom of God on a daily basis so that Yeshua will say to us, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Matt. 25:21)


  1. Fast 24hours or more (no food, no tea, no medication only pure water or no water).
  2. Read and meditate on the scripture.
  3. Make a list of things you are grateful for, including looking at God’s creation.
  4. Memorize a passage of scripture or invest in a powerful bible study.
  5. Spend time with the Lord – walk with the Lord, hour prayer, write a letter to the Lord etc.
  6. Give something to the poor from Yeshua (money, food, an encouraging word, prayer, clothes, etc.).
  7. Help others in their Kingdom assignment or find out your own assignment. Such as online ladies for Jesus Bible Studies.
  8. Pray for the leaders, Pray for laborers to be cast into the harvest, Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
  9. Forgive your enemies.  Forgive self after repentance and try to make right. Stay away from temptation like pornography.
  10. Use your talents to share Yeshua with others and learn how to answer their toughest questions.


  1. Be aware that God is with you and loves you because of Yeshua.
  2. Fast regularly – have a schedule.
  3. Read and meditate on the word of God (listening is ok but not the best, read and meditate on it).
  4. Pray throughout the day, Pray morning & evening isolated time.
  5. Be quick to repent, even if I did it 10 times, do better next time (Blood and Body of Yeshua cleans and restores the soul).
  6. Tithe and give offerings to expand and enable the Kingdom of God on earth (first to your community, then the Israelites, then the gentiles) – don’t rob God.
  7. Be grateful, sing in your heart, and find things to be grateful for.
  8. Each morning make a list of ‘to do’ for Yeshua each day (He is your Lord isn’t He) and have a 1-5 year vision for yourself and family.
  9. Your ultimate life’s mission needs to be getting to know God the Father more.
  10. Pray for Family and bless your family with words spoken out about their future, therefore speak life over them and not curses.


  1. Watch your mouth, what you watch and what you listen to—– Think on the Kingdom of God.
  2. Give to the poor and to those in prison (if unable to give directly, give to ministries that help those).
  3. Do good to all, especially to the household of faith.
  4. Remember to Pray for laborers to be cast out into the harvest, that there is peace in Jerusalem and especially that the Messiah is revealed to the Israelites.
  5. Have communion as a family regularly (e.g. weekly/biweekly).
  6. Find opportunities to share your testimony and don’t try to convert but share.
  7. Have the right authority structure in the home: Husband leads the family in the Lord, protects and supplies for the family, he is the head of the wife. The wife is the helper to the Husband (he needs help) then helps the children. The children are to obey their parents and listen earnestly to their council.  The Scripture is foundational for all and all should be praying.
  8. Pray in Tongues throughout the day.
  9. Keep God’s law (there are no elastics in God’s law) therefore keep the Sabbath, eat what God said, have no idols like Christmas trees etc. Thereby worship God as He wants to be worshiped and don’t worship God based on pagan practices.
  10. Be aware of Satan’s strategy and tactics but remember that God is stronger. Therefore, cast out every thought that comes against God or you or your family e.g. declare the opposite to that thought.
Getting together to feed the poor in the  name of Yeshua