Need to know the purpose God has created you for?  Discover your purpose today.


We are a group who love the body of Christ and can imagine seeing everyone do what God has called them to do.  We also understand that the body is diverse and everyone is unique.  Not everyone is called to the pulpit.


This was designed by Christians, who spend many years wanting to know their purpose.  They read the life stories of how and why God used them, such as David, Ezekiel, Paul, Peter, John etc.  Fasted and prayed often saying, “Lord, what can I do for Your Kingdom?”



We spend a lot of time analyzing our finances, our entertainment, our friends, but do we actually spend time analyzing ourselves and what we are made for?  What is the meaning of life? God has created us for a unique purpose and by doing it we find a sense of meaning.  But the ultimate meaning of life is having a relationship with God as Father through Yeshua (John 17:3) and helping others get there.  This is the real meaning of life.


Cemeteries are filled with people who never tapped into the potential God had given them through Yeshua.  Some end up doing their purpose part way or at the end of their life.  There are some seem to fall into what their purpose is, but for many they discover it as they go.  Therefore, discover your purpose that God has for you through a series of self-seeking questions. The meaning of life is literally found in Yeshua, as the documentary series Ordinary Christians portrays.



It is like climbing a mountain, the more one climbs the more one can see.  These questions help climb this mountain quickly.  It reveals the purpose God that has placed in our hearts.  For example, God anointing David to be king over Israel is a fixed plan and David also had plans that were spontaneous such as feeling compelled to collect things in the building of the Temple. 


Therefore, within the overall plan there are some things that are spontaneous.  Yeshua was laser focused to go to Israel, minister in the surrounding cities and finally went to Jerusalem.  Yet He still helped those God puts across His path (Matt. 15:22-28). 


Ultimately our purpose is to glorify God by sharing the good news of Yeshua to others. But HOW and to WHOM will vary a great deal.  The Apostle Peter went to the Jews and Paul to the Gentiles.  Through a series of questions, you will discover to WHOM you are sent and HOW to approach them.



  1. Before we start, ask the Lord to reveal your purpose (Matt. 7:7-8) and fast at least 24hours.
  2. Write down 4 answers to each of the following questions and when done circle the strongest answer for each.
    • What can I do to help believers in Yeshua (Matt. 25:40)?
    • At the present time, what is it that I hate or perceive is mankind’s greatest barrier to living for Yeshua (e.g. 1 Sam 17:26)?
    • What is the biggest problem I faced and how the Lord helped me overcome it (Mark 5:19)?
  3. Next to each of the strongest answers, expand on them by writing 1-2 sentences what you can do to help others so that Yeshua gets the glory.  These will be 3 visions God has placed in your heart. 
  4. Start establishing 3 goals for each vision.  But start working on the vision that is the quickest to implement. Once done, start working on the one that shows the most love of Yeshua. Once done, work on the vision that impacts the most people for Yeshua.
  5. Each day do something related to the visions.  This is what some call “one day at a time meaning”.
  6. Be continually in pray asking for help and thanking Him every step of the way (Psa. 37:5; Prov. 3:4-9).
  7. Be agile enough to take a break and work on other Kingdom projects, then go back.


Do this exercise every 2-3 years to help evaluate or establish visions and goals.  Thereby helping prioritize how to spend His time, money and resources effectively for His Kingdom. 

For an extensive 3-Day version of soul searching, establishing vision and goals, here is an excel document that you can download and complete for yourself (macro free).




Great motivational sermons that will inspire you on the journey.  There are many sermons and messages out there, so find those that are impactful. Here is a collection at and on a podcast.




  1. I just went through the entire “Discover You Purpose” section and it was beautifully automated and it summarized everything so cleanly at the end. This is time very well spent! I’m looking forward to acting on the goals I’ve set.

  2. The purpose document is incredible. After completing it I went back and revised it and my advise is to not take it lightly (as I did the first time round). It is a challenging document, and one that requires a lot of thought. However, if you put the time in – you will be well rewarded with some great answers as to what you can be doing to work toward what you are passionate about in life. More importantly, you’ll be able to purposefully move forward when working for the Kingdom of God.

  3. Focus on the family shared an article that is worth repeating – it sums up finding your purpose. There once was a man who netted three trout from a mountain stream and carefully placed them side-by-side on a thick patch of grass. Before he removed them from the water, they were like a liquid ballet in motion. Fluid. Graceful. Vibrant. Alive.

    After he netted them, it was another story.

    As the trout lay on the grass, they were motionless. Their eyes were fixed. They gasped for air, and they looked — and acted — stupid.

    The man noticed they seemed unhappy, so he talked to them, hoping that his encouragement would change them.

    “Little fish, don’t be sad. You’ll like the grass. Just try it out for a while.”

    No movement. No response. No change.

    A few more seconds passed. The man’s neighbor walked by. “Hey, Bob! Come and check out these fish!”

    Bob sauntered over and the man explained that he was certain the fish could adjust. “I’m sure they could prosper here on the grass. Don’t you agree?”

    “Why not?” Bob replied. So he also tried to tell the fish it would be good if they learned to like the grass. After all, he liked the grass. Why shouldn’t they?

    Still, the fish didn’t blink. They just lay there looking dumber by the second.

    Finally, a little boy approached exclaimed, “What are you doing? Put them back! They can’t be all they’ve been created to be when they are out of the water.”

    Finally convinced, the man carefully placed each fish back in the stream. After splashing for a split second, all three swam away effortlessly. Again, it was like a liquid ballet. What ease! What grace! What beauty!

    In that moment, the man realized that no matter how long the fish lay there they would never adjust to the grass, and would never be satisfied — no matter how much he (or anyone else) told them otherwise. Even if the fish tried to convince themselves they could learn to like the grass, they never would, and they would never prosper. In fact, they would eventually die.

    Do you feel like a fish out of water? Your prolonged dissatisfaction, God-given gifts, passions and the voices of others could be telling you that you were created for another purpose. And like these fish, if you feel like you are dying inside, listen up. It could be just what you need to push you into another, more satisfying ocean.

    Listen to your dissatisfaction

    We’ve been taught to believe that dissatisfaction is a bad thing, and that we should do everything possible to avoid it. Shove it down. Ignore it. Act like it doesn’t bother us. Take a pill. Plaster on a smile. Buy something new, or decide that misery is part of “bearing our cross.” But above all, don’t consider that God might be using it to make us uncomfortable so we’ll want to swim in another ocean where our gifts can shine.

    Don’t get me wrong; dissatisfaction can be a result of spiritual warfare (Eph. 6:10-12) and not an indication that we are out of God’s will. But it can also be a road sign that He has another purpose for us. So if you’re miserable in your current career or job, (and you have been for a long time), you’ve prayed, sought counsel from others, looked for guidance through Scripture, and you’re still miserable, consider that God may have another plan.

    Listen to others

    One of my closest girlfriends lights up when she talks about mentoring young women. She also has tremendous business sense. I’ve suggested that perhaps God may use her to start a mentoring organization or ministry. When I shared my thoughts with her, she said, “You know, I’ve heard that from lots of people.”

    Just as dissatisfaction can be a road sign from God to show you your purpose, listening to what others say about your gifts can do the same; so when someone notices or comments on one of your talents, take note. God may be trying to tell you something through His people.

    There are times, however, when we shouldn’t listen to what others say. But when what they say about us agrees with our passions, internal convictions, gifting and what God has already revealed to us, it can be a solid indication of our God-given purpose.

    Listen to your gifts

    I’ve never liked math. Whenever I come within five feet of a math problem, I break out in hives. Numbers have never been my thing and my guess is that they never will be because God created me with different gifts. Even though I can’t do math, I can write, paint, draw, sing and communicate well. These gifts are also road signs to where God is directing me.

    Have you ever considered your talents and gifts? Do you get a kick out of soccer? Are you a strategic thinker? A great listener? Can you motivate others to action with your words? Are you skilled at building things? I suggest making a list of the things and activities that interest you in which you excel. You can also ask yourself, “What’s the one thing that I do better than others?” This can also clue you in to your God-given purpose.

    The gifts God gives us are like little seeds planted inside us, but for them to grow we have to use them. This means that if you can’t identify which “Gift Seeds” God has given you, try doing new things that interest you. Through these new experiences, God will reveal more to you about who you are and how He has called you to serve Him.

    Listen to your passions

    If I could ask you what makes you angry, joyful, excited or passionate, what would you say? Take note of when your emotions are moved; these times can be a sign of your God-given purpose.

    I get fired up about the godless condition of the world. When I hear about little children being abused, I get angry. When someone tells me a story about loyal love, I am deeply moved. An exquisite arrangement of words on a page fills my heart with passion. A story of someone’s heartbreak grieves me. Talking about Christ stirs me up. When coupled with my talents, these passions point in the direction of my purpose of written and spoken communication about things that deeply impact people on a spiritual and emotional level.

    Pray. Ask God to show you the things that move you and make a list. And remember, He wants you to discover His purpose for you more than you do.

    Lastly, consider that your purpose is not just about you; it’s about what God wants to do through you. Therefore, if you ignore or neglect your dissatisfaction, what others say about you, your gifts and your passions, you are not only betraying yourself, but betraying God; because He has called you to a purpose and wants you to walk in it — for others and for your own joy.

    Also consider that since God has called you, He is completely able to reveal your purpose to you, and He will as you diligently seek Him (Heb. 11:6).

    Shana Schutte is a freelance writer, author and speaker living in Colorado Springs, Colo. (

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