Top 10 Christian Videos on healing, tough questions, afterlife (NDE and OBE), sermons, kingdom purpose and inspirational testimonies.

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In addition to the top 10 Videos, there are many others, such as:

  • Yeshua heals various types of people that are medically certified and testimony verified.
  • Experts tackle tough questions from a Biblical perspective, including answering the top 25 questions asked of Christians.
  • The Bible clearly explains the questions on the after life. The destination after death is either Heaven or Hell (Hades).
  • Yeshua saves various types of people.
Top 10 Christian Videos


Key videos were selected based on believe-ability and impact, not popularity. Popularity doesn’t necessary mean it is good or accurate, it just means that it has struck a nerve with a mass of people, such as YouTube videos like Charlie Bit My Finger. This was one of the first videos to go viral. However on Heaven’s Catalyst, we rate the videos based on believe-ability and impact. Believe-ability has supporting information, such as, doctors, scientific or some credible before and after. While impact is related to how it impacts the viewer to change a behavior or thought.

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  1. Have you ever wondered what the top 10 questions that stump Christians and the answers. Top 10 medical verified healings and afterlife (NDE & OBE), this is a great snapshot of this.

  2. The most amazing thing about watching people get healed, is that it is just regular people yielding to Jesus, that he may work through them and command things to happen. Living proof that our words can bring life.

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