(We are world changers in, through and for Yeshua)

We are Christian world changers who enable people to call upon God as Father and encounter Him in a deep personal way.  This is only possible through Yeshua (Jesus) and in the power of Holy Spirit.


We are Holy Spirit filled, Yeshua funded, Commandment-keeping Christians who love Yeshua and use our talents to expand His Kingdom to the ends of the world one day at a time.  Therefore there is no political, denominational or institutional affiliations.  Our mandate is to proclaim that Yeshua is coming back very soon, be ready.


Yeshua is the only standard of Truth, for He is Truth.  Just like Yeshua said, “No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:7).  Our lives and beliefs are founded on this very fact.  He is our Owner, Lord, and Savior – both, not just one (Rom 10:9-10, Luke 6:46).  Therefore our doctrine is very simple, we believe everything the Bible says because of Yeshua!

So as believers in Yeshua, it is a very simple doctrine – Imitate Christ (1 Cor. 11:1; Eph. 5:1; Mat. 11:29).  This is only possible in Holy Spirit (John 14:26)

We imitate Him both in Righteousness (2 Cor. 1:12, 1 Pt 1:13-16) and Power (1 Cor. 2:4-5, 4:19-20), while expanding the Kingdom of God one soul at a time and equipping the saints.  Therefore we teach Yeshua’s words to others and enable them to do the same (Mt 28:18-20; 25:34-46; 23:1-3).

Our desire is that the Body of Christ unites in Yeshua (Ep 4:13) for He is coming back soon and doesn’t want anyone to perish (2 Pt 3:9; Mat. 25:1-13)


Sins are defined by the law of God and not by our emotions (1 Jh 3:4-6). His commandments are a joy to do and are not burdensome (1 Jh 5:3; Mt 5:19; 7:21). Therefore we acknowledge when we sin, we repent and confess our sins – instantly the Blood of Yeshua cleanses us (1 Jh 1:9). Therefore there is no further sacrifice needed and no festivals either!

Thanks be to Yeshua whose blood cleanses us of our sin (Eph. 1:7) and His body restores our body (1 Peter 2:24).

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Video Footage Covers:

  • Who Yeshua is in 1 minute.
  • Medically certified and witness verified healings in Yeshua,
  • Many people being reconciled to God through Yeshua (saved) – including social celebrities, drug addicts, gangsters.
  • Love is unconditional.
  • Testimonies from doctors and people who experienced the afterlife.
  • Witnessing persecution of Christians,
  • Inspiring Testimonies of well-know Christian businessmen and women.
  • Encountering His Glory through praise.
  • Specific prayer for your healing, protection, relationship with God.
  • Intellectual answers to university students and scholars asking their toughest questions about God, including proof of God.
  • Active expanding home churches



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