(Tired? Worn out? No Meaning? Ordinary Adam takes us on a journey in discovering Yeshua)


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  1. Journey of a man, named Adam, exploring the why, what and how to gain access to the Kingdom of God. Once he is in, then what? The Gospel of the Kingdom.

    #1 THE INNER VOID: What is the current state of man? Why does everyone need the Good News?
    #2 YESHUA’s IMPACT: Is there any greater Man in History than Yeshua?
    #3 YESHUA the ONLY WAY: What is the Good News? Why do we need to surrender to Yeshua? How can we trust Him?
    #4 ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD: How to enter the Kingdom of God?
    #5 IMITATE YESHUA: Yeshua told us to observe all things He commanded. What things? What warnings?

    Yeshua, our Lord and King, is coming back soon, be ready.

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