William Tyndale – God’s Outlaw

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William Tyndale was pursued by the agents of King Henry VIII, Sir Thomas More, and Cardinal Wolsey. To avoid capture, he was forced to travel around Europe. All the while he worked to complete the supreme task that obsessed him: providing the Bible in English for his fellow countrymen. Tyndale is today distinguished as the “Father of the English Bible,” and this dramatic film will cause every Christian to appreciate the marvel of the English Bible.

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1 review for William Tyndale – God’s Outlaw

  1. Heavens_Catalyst
    5 out of 5


    Tyndale’s life of doing what God wants regardless of the fame and finances is inspiring to us all. He also did an amazing job in translating Receptus Textus into English. Actually my third favourite translation (NKJV and KJV my favourite).

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