Untold Evidence of God: Audio Abridged

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The evidence of God isn’t revealed or taught in the education system – why?

Are we by products of the educational system when hard science, mathematics, history and logical philosophy points to the Designer? Are we truly free-thinkers or brainwashed? Are we tossed to and fro through ignorance and tradition? And do we honestly live a life of meaning or do we live life based on our comfort?

The Author, a member of Mensa, has kept this book short, factual and to the point. He takes us on a life journey of pealing back the onion on these obvious questions so that the stench of the obvious truth may come to the surface.

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Untold Evidence of God

Proof of the Creator

Hard Science points to the Creator:

  • Cambrian Age reveals the explosion of life at once;
  • Bacterial Flagellum motor, in the cell, has been purposefully designed;
  • DNA is precise coding information that has been programmed by the Designer;
  • Species do not become other species, nor can they create a self sustaining specie, nor is there a half human and half ape in existence;
  • Ancestry dating XY & XX chromosomes prove the human population started with 1 man and 1 woman;
  • Population growth of ~7billion people today has a realistic starting point of ~5,000 years ago, not millions;
  • Nothing is physical and all is a variation of energy;
  • Life transcends beyond energy, life isn’t energy. It is life that expresses itself through energy. It is life that gives life – two big rocks colliding can never create life.


Freewill points to the Creator:

  • The ability to make decisions contrary to creation and contrary to instinct;
  • Life is not governed based on science but on meaning and ethics;
  • There is moral law that is inherent, not taught, where we are able to discern truly good and truly evil;
  • Humans have full authority over every living thing on the earth, and are trying to fill an inner void;
  • Love is the most powerful motivation in life; cells don’t create love but express it.


The Bible points to the Creator:

  • It reveals God’s love for us and the plan He made to reconcile humans back to Him, through His Son;
  • Written over 1500 years by over 40+ writers from different walks of life not contradicting each other;
  • Events span 7000 years;
  • Accuracy in copying the Scriptures through the centuries is unparalleled (Dead Sea scrolls compared to Ben Chayyim over 1500 year gap);
  • It describes the 4 pillars of life: Our origin, destination after we die, meaning of life and our moral compass;
  • It foretold that the earth was a ball, it hung on nothing, it rotated and was one mass that split apart thousands of years before science discovered it;
  • It foretold that the physical came from the invisible;
  • When implementing the 10 Commandments it strengthens the nation (no wonder the Christian nations have ruled the world for the last 1,500 years);
  • People’s lives are transformed for good when they accept Jesus Christ as Lord.


Proof of Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ is the Creator revealed:

  • In only 3 years, He impacted the world like no other man in history;
  • He spoke about the future e.g. Jerusalem (destruction of Jerusalem 70AD and the rebuilding 1948AD);
  • He was resurrected and no other can claim their Lord is physically alive;
  • His disciples ran from those who were persecuting Jesus and then a few weeks later gladly gave their lives loving their persecutors, why? Because they saw Jesus resurrected!
  • More than 1018 probability that Jesus Christ is the Messiah – it was prophesied that He would come through a very specific lineage, born of a virgin, born in Bethlehem, children killed in Bethlehem, would do creative miracles that only God could do, be rejected by Israel leaders, be betrayed by His friend, sold for exactly 30 pieces of silver, flogged, beaten, spat upon, hands and feet pierced (crucified), soldiers gambled for His clothes, buried in a rich man’s tomb, resurrected the 3rd These are just a few of the fulfilled prophecies in Jesus Christ.
  • He gives us the option to choose Him – He is either who He said He was or a liar, He didn’t leave the option of being just a good man! Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6).

 Christians express the Creator’s love to the world:

  • Christians truly value life and put themselves at risk against those who don’t;
  • Christians express the most unconditional love; started hospitals, orphanages and educational institutions to help the less fortunate, including schools for the handicapped; they fed those starving in the world and clothed those in need;
  • Christians continue to out give non-Christians 10 to 1, per government records;
  • Christians teach to forgive and turn the other cheek when it is done to them. But to defend those who can’t fend for themselves.
  • Christians continually sacrifice themselves to go to hostile areas to reveal God’s love in Jesus Christ. Many give up their lives sacrificially to help those who end up killing them – even today!



Proof YOU think you are God? 

  1. Why don’t you believe God?
  2. If there is God, would you want to know? If not why not? Is it because you know He is there?
  3. Are you angry with God?
  4. Have you asked God to show Himself to you in a way that only you would know? If not, what are you afraid of?
  5. If there was a future beyond death would you want to know? And why?
  6. What is the foundation of your decisions, why do you trust it? Has your source ever been wrong?
  7. How do you govern and differentiate between good and evil, or right and wrong – Trace it back to the source – is it the Bible (e.g. do unto others as you would have others do to you) or …?
  8. If everyone in the world based their decisions on your source, could you live in that environment?
  9. Do you have inner peace or an inner void that you are trying to fill with something?
  10. What are you giving your life for and does it really matter?
  11. What is the meaning of life, and what is that based upon?
  12. If you were going to spend eternity with a group of people, how would you select them – would you give them your word and watch how they respond to it or ….?
  13. Are you a good person based on Gods’ standard? Let’s test according to the 10 commandments…
  14. What are the chances that there is no Creator who put life together (0-100%)? If anything less than 100% then why doubt – Is it that you believe there is a Creator?
  15. What more would God need to do in order to show you that Jesus is the One you need to surrender your life to?
  16. Do you actually know who Jesus Christ of Nazareth is, what He did for you and your potential future? You would be a fool if you didn’t accept His offer.
  17. When you die one day and stand before God what will you say to Him when He asks you why you have rejected His Son?
  18. Would you blame Him for not showing Himself physically to you?
  19. Would you blame Him for not making it clearer by spelling it out in the Bible?
  20. Challenge Him for His unfairness and suffering in this world (because you are more righteous and you know better)? Or…?



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