Hear God’s Voice: e-Book

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I remember sitting in a church service as a new Christian, and the minister asked the crowd, “If you could ask God for one thing and know that you would get it now, what would it be?” It was an interesting question, as the minister went around the room with his microphone getting responses no one asked the question I so desirably wanted to know, “LORD, what do You want me to do and I will do it?” Essentially there were two questions in this 1) What is my unique purpose? 2) How to hear You? The microphone never came to me but these questions never left me. I wanted a clear answer, “Go here, and do xyz, then next week do abc…” Was I asking for too much? Or should I just do what I think and hope He would guide me from within?” This is what this book is all about – How to Hear Him and do what He has called us to do.

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