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This documentary, The Cross: Jesus in China, portrays the little known history of a remarkable people; it is the turbulent 50 year history of Chinese Christians on screen! For the first time, the history of Christianity in China, especially within the House-Church movement, is given in an honest and comprehensive account. The film answers the question raised by many people outside China: how did the number of Chinese Christians increase from 700,000 in 1949 to approximately 70 million today despite communist control?


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Using live footage and interviews, the film captures the true stories of many people and seeks to answer the most common questions: how does the Chinese government deal with Chinese Christians and vice-versa? How have Chinese Christians developed, survived and grown? What kind of people are they and what influence have they had and will they have on Chinese society? The documentary film consists of three episodes and one short subject. It lasts about four hours. The episodes are: Seeds of Blood, The Bitter Cup, The Spring of Life, and The Canaan Hymns. Cross: Jesus in China has been translated into 18 languages and has recently been selected as material for a “Faith and Globalization” seminar conducted by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair at Yale University.

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  1. Heavens_Catalyst
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    Wow, persecuted for their faith in Christ and they push harder. Killed for their faith and it grows. Home churches exploding, denominations dying. Thought provoking scenes and testimonies that enable us to move without fear and grow in Him.

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