This is for Christian Men who are addicted to Pornography.  This is for those who want to be free of pornography and live free.  Yes, bouncing the eyes is not a good strategy as this is defensive and leaves the mind to fill in the blanks. The best strategy is always being in the offensive.  It is time to take back the freedom that Yeshua provided and overcome lust thus being free of pornography.

This website isn’t to tell you how bad you are or to make you feel “more” guilty.  Therefore the reason you are here is because you want to be free and know that only Yeshua (Jesus) can help you.  “In all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us” (Rom. 8:37).  If this is for you, you have come to the right place. This works!


Spirit of Perversion leave this person by Yeshua’s authority!


His journey struggle to overcome and his wife’s reaction!


IDENTIFY your trigger points & pitfalls to avoid: Boredom, loneliness, lack of purpose, tired, sexual images/movies, lack of self-worth, masturbation, rejection from wife and others.

  1. Know that Pornography is Adultery (Matt. 5:28) and there are severe consequences (1 Cor. 6:9-10). Remember Yeshua’s words, “If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell” (Matt. 5:29).
  2. Know that the easiest time to stop a temptation is in the beginning, the first step, so learn to say no quickly.
  3. Know that if you fall, guilt sets in, then be quick to repent. Think about the mercy of God like the Father of the prodigal Son.  You do have value and know He cares about you that’s why He sent Yeshua.
  4. Know that sex between husband and wife is not optional or just nice to do, it is mandatory (1 Cor. 7:2-5). Sex does 2 main things: Makes the two into one unit, unity (Matt. 19:5; 1 Cor. 6:15-17) and it protects each other from Satan (1 Cor. 7:5). Click here for a powerful message on what a husband and wife needs.
  5. Know that you are not the only one who suffers with this, even great Biblical men like Samson (Judges 14-16) and King David (2 Sam. 11) suffered with lust. They also faced the consequences.

Don’t believe the lie from Satan that pornography with help your sex life, it DOESN’T, it ROBS IT!


Only by Yeshua’s blood are we clean of sin and only the Holy Spirit can help us.  We can’t in our own strength therefore living a repentant life, surrendered to Him, being aware of His presence and continual thankfulness to Him is the only foundation.

  1. Ask your Heavenly Father to help you and deliver you from the Evil one.
  2. Write a one page letter to the Addict (as if the addict was a person who had plagued you to lust) – tell the Addict how you are going to destroy it and it will no longer harass you.
  3. Confess to someone you trust in addition to your wife.
  4. Have someone or a group of people to check in with you, accountability.
  5. Throw away all pornographic images and movies, including removing them from your computer.
  6. Every time those pornographic images or videos pop into your head, see Yeshua standing in those images staring back at you. See Him telling you to pray blessing for those people.  If those images persist replace them with the image of your wife.
  7. Ask your wife to help you, set up scheduled sex day(s) per week. For example, every Tuesday and Friday. Those marriages with scheduled days have better sex lives.
  8. See all women as precious in the sight of God and your job to protect them.
  9. Keep confessing that you are a “Protector of Women”, “I am a Child of God and Holy because of Yeshua.”
  10. Prevent the following triggers from happening by doing the solutions:



  • Boredom, Loneliness, Lack of Purpose: Therefore the solution is to start the day in prayer and writing down a few small things to do for God’s Kingdom.  Avoid working on the computer when you have no purpose of being on it, especially at night when no one is around.
  • Tired: Therefore the solution is getting to sleep at a regular time each night.
  • Lack of self-worth, rejection from wife, manager or others: Therefore the solution is confessing out loud who God has made you to be “a Child of God, More than a Conquer, so rise up mighty man of God” and start thanking your Heavenly Father.
  • Sexual Images on TV or Movies: Therefore the solution is to protect your computer with apps like Adblocker, Parental Controls, NetNanny, enable “Safesearch” on google search, Circle etc.
  • Masturbation: Therefore the solution is to stop masturbating.  But if you were to masturbate, which we don’t recommend, you need to ask for permission from your wife and ensure you have an image of your wife in your mind.
  • Images of Women other than your wife: Therefore the solution is let lust for another woman be a trigger to pray a blessing of protection on that woman.  Keep praying a blessing on her until the feelings, thoughts leave. Thereby an offensive strategy of damaging the Kingdom of Darkness with your prayer.



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2 Comments on “OVERCOME LUST

  1. Sorry folks for being anonymous, as this is embarrassing for the individual but they are willing to share these because they want to help others who have or in a similar situation – he loves Jesus:

    1) When it started? When I was 10 I started looking up sexy pictures on the internet and watching sexy music videos out of curiosity. When I was 12 I had fed my curiosity too much and I started looking at porn on a regular basis.

    2) How I knew it was bad? I learned early on through church that looking at a woman to lust after her was adultery not to mention all of the guilt from sneaking around that I had to do.

    3) What were the triggers/traps? My triggers and traps for porn we’re staying up late, being bored and lonely and stress from school and work. I would often play video games late into the night and when I was tired and bored I would go looking for porn.

    4) How or what helps me overcome? I have always prayed like crazy about it but I never had a strong motivation to stop completely. When I met my wife I knew I had to change. I was honest with my wife and a few key friends that have kept me accountable. Most recently I have started praying for and blessing the people that are part of any tempting images. This has really reduced the amount of temptation to look and porn or to even lust after women.

  2. 1) When it started? I do not recall exactly when it started, but I was very young, maybe between 8-10 years old. I remember thinking about the opposite sex a lot, but cannot say what triggered those initial thoughts. Then I found a magazine at my grandparents’ house with pictures of naked women. I was intrigued and drawn to see more. From there I found more pictures and magazines at my relative’s homes, friends shared material they had found, and eventually got hold of movies. My parents were always very open about sexual matters and at one point even purchased magazines for me to share with my friends. When the internet arrived, it was like opening Pandora’s box, easily available, free, and anonymous access to porn that pushed the boundaries of what I had considered ‘normal’ up to that point.

    2) How did you know it was bad or did you know? Up to a point in my 20’s I rationalized that it was ok since I was not physically having sex or cheating on someone. Deep down though I must have felt it was wrong since I hid my secret activities making sure not to be discovered. When I eventually started reading more of the bible and material regarding the Word, I read a writeup about how porn is wrong, addictive, and affects your view of sex and women, and can harm relationships. That did not make me stop, but I did then have guilt and shame after I exposed myself to porn. I continued to rationalize it though and did not stop. As time went on and I got older, got married, had kids, the Holy Spirit would convict me. I would have verses come into my head reminding me of my sin, have sleepless nights, and feel a secret shame and guilt.

    3) What were/are the triggers/traps? The trigger for me was pure lust, the fantasy of ‘having’ any beautiful women I wanted, and her doing whatever would please me. Perhaps it was a no-risk-of-rejection factor. Part of it was the excitement or thrill of finding a ‘better’ movie/picture, etc.

    The trap is that the more I saw, there more I wanted to see. It was an insatiable cycle. The moment my ‘session’ was over, I would think I was satisfied and never do it again, but a few days later I would be back for more. It became an addiction, wasting so much time on a purposeless activity. It even affected my health in the sense that I would sometimes have ‘brain fog’, lack of focus, lack of sleep.

    4) What you do to overcome or try to overcome that is really helping? Confessing and bringing it into the open is the first and biggest step. It brings it to light and in part takes away the power it has over you. I find it really helpful when I have thoughts of the images, or see someone that may trigger those impulses, to think of them as my mom or daughter and instead pray for them and then ask God to remove the impulse or image from my mind. Keeping busy serving God also really helps, and focusing on Jesus, and pleasing him. If you are simply after ‘being free’ and trying to beat it for yourself only, it is not as effective. Being accountable to your partner/friend/group is also very helpful.

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